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Overall trophies and plaques are presented at the end of each awards session and awarded to the dancers who scored within the top 10 of their age division (Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior) and level (Performance, Novice, Intermediate, and Competitive).


All Adjudicating Awards will receive a medal
If a contestant performs two solos, only the highest-scoring solo counts for the top overall awards.

Sunday MOVIN Showdown

In order for a studio to be eligible, they must compete in at least five non-solo routines.

For each eligible studio, MOVIN calculates the average of the top five highest-scoring non-solo routines and compares that average to the averages of the other participating and eligible studios. The top five highest studio averages are awarded cash and credit prizes at the close of the event. The denominations are as follows:

  • 3rd Highest Studio Average: $300

  • 2nd Highest Studio Average: $500

  • 1st Highest Studio Average: $1,250 in between cash and competition credit for Nationals or next regionals.

Top Overalls in Each Age Division  (Juniors, Teens, Seniors)


Each dancer will receive a $150 Convention Credit to ADE Nationals in Orlando, FL, and a $100 Credit to The DanceFest 2024 Summer Intensive


Each dancer will receive a $150 Convention Credit to ADE Nationals in Orlando, FL,  and a $100 Credit to The DanceFest 2024 Summer Intensive

Each routine will receive FREE Competition entry to ADE Nationals in Orlando, FL

Dance Category Winners in Each Age Division  (Minis, Juniors, Teens, Seniors)

Each Routine will receive a 50% Off in Competition Entries to ADE Nationals in Orlando, FL

Artistic Dance Exchange Opening & Closing Number Invitationals

The Top 10 scoring soloists from the Junior, Teen, and Senior divisions in the Competitive Level at every regional event are invited to perform in the Opening Number at the Artistic Dance Exchange Nationals in Orlando, FL. 


The competition schedule will be released 10 days before the event and is subject to change.


All competition fees must be paid in full before a studio will receive the schedule. Accompanying the release of the tentative schedule will be an email outlining the expectations of our participating studios and deadlines by which requests for modification must be submitted. 

Performance schedules with approximate times will be made available solely to studio administrators. It is the responsibility of studio personnel to distribute the schedule to their participating dancers, as Movin does not publicly post the schedules of any of our competitions.


Please be prepared to compete 60 minutes prior to your designated performance time. In the event that a studio performs out of order, the affected routine will compete for adjudication only and be ineligible for divisional overall awards. Movin has the intention of running each show on time, if not early, and reserves the right to adjust the schedule in an effort to do so. 

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