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Poughkeepsie, NY | April 12-14, 2024

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ADE-ARTISTIC DANCE EXCHANGE is so proud to officially launch MOVIN DANCE COMPETITION, a sister company for all the competition studios & dancers that will compete, learn, and challenge each other in a supportive safe environment exactly how we do it at ADE!

We are proud to be offering the best competition experience, where the priority of our professional team will always be the dancer's and families' well-being, making sure they are taken care of, listened to, and receive the deserved education to keep growing not only as artists but as human beings.

At MOVIN, We are very excited to be offering a lot of different dance opportunities to take advantage of. Like some free classes or optional affordable class packages with some of the ADE Faculty and Judges, Special Guests, Q & A Sessions, Teacher Classes, and parent seminars to help answer their questions about the industry nowadays and to make sure everyone gets the best out of the weekend event at MOVIN. 

We hope to see as many of you at our official company launch!


We'll be offering a lot of scholarships and awards to celebrate our first event!

In the coming weeks, we'll be also announcing MOVIN dates for our first Tour.

We can't wait to see as many of you then and get to show you the competition event that all the dance studios and dance families deserve.


Any questions, please contact us at:

Poughkeepsie, NY

April 13, 2024


This will be ONLY a 1 Day event. 

Doors will open on Saturday at 7:30 am

The competition will start at 8:30 am

The schedule will be available no later than April 5th.


Late FEES Apply April 1st.


Registration Deadline April 5, 2024


MJN Convention Center


Hotel Information Coming Soon!


​We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. Should you need anything before, during, or after your event, feel free to reach out to our team!


  • FREE Photo & Video (no media fee) for studios registering 30 + routines

  • 3 Levels of Competition.

  • Exclusive Invitationals for ADE Nationals

  • Scholarships are awarded at All Levels.

  • FREE Dance Classes in selected cities

  • Faculty & Judges Q & A

  • Parents & Teacher Seminars

  • Exclusive Scholarships & Performance Opportunities


Always Moving ahead, looking to provide you with the best dance Competition Xperience by Listening to the needs of our Dance Community!

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Entry fees are available for Studio Owners and/or Directors only upon request.

Contact us at info@movindancecomp


Dancers’ ages are determined by their age per January 1st of the competition year. 

To determine the age division per piece entered, the average age will be taken, dropping the decimal point. Performers will be responsible to provide proof of age if the occasion should arise. 


Minis: 8 & under

Jrs: 9-12

Teens: 13-15

Srs: 16-19

Adult: 20 & up 


MOVIN  leaves it to the studio owner's discretion to properly place your students at the appropriate competitive level. We strongly suggest that you take their overall ability and dedication to training into consideration. We also recommend factoring in their self-confidence and performance ability. 



Elite is our most advanced category for the more accomplished dancer. Performers should portray abilities gained through their extensive experience in training, performing, and competing. 



The Prestige level is for dancers having some training and performance experience. They are active in their training, working hard toward becoming Elite. 



A Novice dancer may be newer to dance or simply be pursuing dance recreationally. Performers in this category are NOT eligible for cash prizes. 


Ballet - technique with classical movement, reflecting a ballet style. Use of pointe shoes is permitted.

Contemporary - routine that draws from modern, lyrical and ballet movements. Maximum of 3 acrobatic skills permitted. 

Jazz  - technique with up-tempo music. Maximum of 3 acrobatic skills permitted. 

Lyrical - style of Jazz & Ballet technique demonstrating clean, classical lines while emphasizing emotional interpretation of the lyrics in the music. Maximum of 3 acrobatic skills permitted.  

Musical Theatre - style that interprets a song from a Musical, Movie or Broadway show. Can involve (but not required) the dancer(s) lip-syncing the words to the music.

Acrobatic – style of dance with acrobatics, emphasizing flexibility and aerial tricks. 

Hip Hop/Street – style rooted in urban social dancing and often calls for the dancer to freestyle (improvisation) and can include breaking, popping, locking, crumping etc.

Tap  - Any recorded tap sounds on the music track will be a deduction of 10 points. (Clogging routines should not be categorized as a tap entry but under “Specialty”)

Open  - specific or combination of any style of dance. 

Specialty - style of dance with a focus on a special talent:  ballroom, ethnic/folk, character, song & dance, etc.


Each performance will be critiqued on the following 5 elements:


Quality of Movement - 30

Technique - 30

Stage Presence - 20

Precision - 10

Choreography - 10 


At each regional competition, there is a panel of 3 judges. Each judge can award to 100 points. All adjudications are final. Score sheets will be emailed to the studio owner/director at the conclusion of the competition weekend. 

The combined scores of each judge shall determine the placement of each performance. The Movement scoring system is as follows:



The competition schedule will be released 10 days before the event and is subject to change.


All competition fees must be paid in full before a studio will receive the schedule. Accompanying the release of the tentative schedule will be an email outlining the expectations of our participating studios and deadlines by which requests for modification must be submitted. 

Performance schedules with approximate times will be made available solely to studio administrators. It is the responsibility of studio personnel to distribute the schedule to their participating dancers, as Movin does not publicly post the schedules of any of our competitions.


Please be prepared to compete 60 minutes prior to your designated performance time. In the event that a studio performs out of order, the affected routine will compete for adjudication only and be ineligible for divisional overall awards. Movin has the intention of running each show on time, if not early, and reserves the right to adjust the schedule in an effort to do so. 

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